Finance Management & Strategic Consulting.

FinNXT enables focus on Corporate growth capabilities that create competitive advantages, fuel sustainable & profitable growth through which enhance the Enterprise value. As today’s corporate finance environment requires new out of the box, agile and differentiated approaches towards its finance sourcing, the ability of FinNXT to work as a proactive, collaborative business partner to accomplish the best of Corporate financial objectives.


Capital Rising

FinNXT succeeds in swiftly finding appropriate growth capital financing solutions that enhances the value proposition of its corporate clients. FinNXT uses a proven methodology in order to raise corporate capital and negotiate the financing terms that satisfy both thecorporate and the banking \ financial institutions.

FinNXT raises debt and equity for corporate clients, helps clients transform their business to high growth enterprises with high Enterprise valuations.


Corporate \ Promoter Structured Finance.

FinNXt facilitates entrepreneurs and corporate businesses prepare for and execute various promoter liquidity strategies according to the clients requirements. FinNXT’s consulting model approach can investigate multiple concurrent promoter liquidity strategies in order to achieve the best liquidity outcome for the entrepreneur. FinNXT strategically work on behalf of the corporate clients in order to maximize the promoter liquidity strategy outcome.


Corporate Debt Finance \ Debt Refinancing.

FinNXT specialize in corporate financial consulting, especially geared towards raising capital for established growing companies across Globe. FinNXT committed to delivering superior service and guaranteed results to many of the corporate clients. FinNXT helps corporate to explore structured corporate debt refinance alternatives in order to replace current institutional lenders.


Venture funding for Start-up.

FinNXT provide entrepreneurs with the necessary funding solutions required to transform a great Idea into a profitable Business. FinNXT works on the strategical positioning of the start-up venture with its best of capabilities to show case towards structured financial solutions. FinNXT’s well focused policy here is that …

“It's not enough to stare up… we must step up”.


Global Corporate - Strategic Consulting

As Corporate World grows Internationally as its business goals and investment needs continuous progress, as well its financing needs may also need to be shifted. That is when FinNXT come into the pictureto help the corporate with ongoing compliance and finance structuring services with its International expertise in corporate financing.

FinNXT a Formidable Consulting Force With...


years into consulting business…


man years of investment …


Corporate finance consultations …

a Global outlook to enable corporate efficiencies….

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